Micro Speaker Specialist (Transducer)

  • Sweden
  • Market related

Micro Speaker Specialist, MSME or MS Material Science with transducer design, manufacturing experience within consumer electronics or automotive. Working at a transducer manufacturer having over seen the design and/or development of a transducer or working at a consumer electronic provider over seeing the implementation of a transducer into a high volume production is a must. You will have a deep understanding of the materials used in speaker construction, both currently being used and in up and coming new technologies. An appreciation of the limitations of materials and reliability would be ideal. Experience with ground up design of microspeakers, analysis and simulations on both physical structure and magnetics of the speaker, SPL vs frequency, impedance, excursion vs freq etc. You will have knowlegde of standard tests for qualifying speakers for customers, both for proto-type samples and end of line testing during production.