Lead Data Scientist

  • Liverpool, Merseyside, England
  • £50k - 75k per year Full Bonus and Benefits package

Lead Data Scientist

This is a genuinely exciting opportunity to join a truly unique organisation.  Its a company with a rich history in retail combining

a long standing and colourful history with the latest and most recognizable e-tailing brands.  The company are pushing the boundaries

of Data Science and the Data Science department is recognized as a key driver in keeping the business at the forefront of the E-tail technology curve.

This role is to Lead a team of Data Scientists across a number of locations 


  • Evidence of having applied data science techniques in commercial industry
  • An advanced degree in a scientific or technical field, up to at least Master’s Level
  • Degree-level knowledge of mathematical concepts, including linear algebra, probability theory, and statistics. Evidence of having applied these concepts in previous academic or professional work
  • Knowledge of experimental design, including the use of confidence intervals, t-tests, and sampling techniques
  • Knowledge of commonly-used machine learning algorithms, including but not limited to Bayesian methods, linear regression, logistic regression, neural networks, and support vector machines
  • Demonstrated experience in cleaning large data sets to ensure they are ready for use
  • Knowledge of techniques to extract features from data, including but not limited to feature scaling and mean normalisation
  • Knowledge of how to split a data set into training and test data, and when and how to use cross-validation data as part of your work
  • Proficiency in at least one scientific programming language and willingness to learn others. Evidence of at least three years’ programming experience
  • Evidence of having written production-quality code, either in academic, industry, or hobby projects
  • Evidence of an understanding of principles of how to design, structure, test and debug programmes that you or others have written
  • Strong written and verbal English skills, including evidence of having submitted and presented scientific work as part of your degree programme
  • The ability to work with diverse stakeholder groups, including technical but also non-technical team members

The ability to make sound judgments regarding the importance and feasibility of tasks, and to take appropriate action in ensuring a high quality output in changing circumstances.

The company offer not only a world class career opportunity with an award winning team but also an excellent working environment with some of the best employee facilities.  

If you are currently looking for an opportunity to take your Data Science career to the next level then please contact immediately