Data Scientist

  • Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
  • £35k - 45k per year Benefits

As a Data Scientist you will be responsible for the on-going development and improvement of the analytical services which currently support hundreds of thousands of users and devices, as well as the design and creation of new and exciting features, analytics and management information to be provided to our clients and end-users. You will also be creating additional services that can be generated from existing data and working with various research organisations.


  • You’re an authority on Big Data and statistical analytical techniques using suitable coding in R, Java and Python.
  • You are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to get the most out of the available data and have a sound understanding of quantitative approaches for large scale data manipulation and analytics.
  • You’re at home working as part of a diverse but tightly knit system of teams, instantly understanding and compromising with all stakeholders- technical and non-technical, internal and external. Communicating clearly and effectively.
  • You appreciate great design and understand the value of going a step beyond building something that merely works, to designing something that evolves and scales effortlessly.
  • You understand the value of testing and Quality Assurance.
  • You are at home working in an agile fashion, deploying rapidly, collaborating closely, making pragmatic decisions, and have no problem adapting to rapidly evolving specifications.
  • You have the ability to pick up and analyse an existing codebase to push the analysis forward, focusing on delivery and refactoring when needed
  • You are keen to break new ground, and tackle problems that may not have been solved by anyone before you.

Required Skills


  • Proven track record of ability to quickly adapt to and exploit new and cutting edge technology / techniques
  • Degree or above qualification in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, or a related subject.
  • Broad knowledge of programming, and scripting (especially in R / Java / Python)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Prior experience of developing and delivering commercially viable ‘big-data’ analytic solutions
  • Experience with working in connection with collaborative projects/dynamic teams
  • Experience with using Data Mining algorithms and statistical tools such as R.
  • Experience with Version Control (Git)


  • Strong Past experience on Research projects and deliverables
  • Past experience on collaborative projects with divers teams
  • Knowledge of Motor Insurance
  • Experience of client interaction (financial sector)
  • Proven track record of involvement in complex applications
  • Experience with UNIX / LINUX command line and other programming languages (e.g. C )
  • Experience in presenting and visualising the output of big data analytics